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29 June 2005 @ 09:28 pm
DAmn today was good!  
I got many a things accomplished today..i got mei new cell phone finally!jeezus,Same number,got a butt load of cd's i've been wanting,got insurance paid for for my hott car..little tasks completed here and there and i decided to go in and take my written at the DOL..and i passed 100%..wooo.My drive is next wednesday and i can drive again!!Yayy..My god...So yeah kids dont get an MIP..cuz that just about suxs harcore..But yes.Happy happy happy am I.Now i'm gettin' ready to head out and go dancing with miss christina.I miss my hunny bunny mucho..i think i'll suprise him later..humm.So yeah..I wanted to share those few tid bits of my day cuz i feel good..*breaks into song and dance.. anywho..anyone wanna hang out this weekend???Lemme know if ur down cuz i wanna do somethin' with everyone..Much ♥ Val
Feelin': accomplishedaccomplished
Jammin to: the cars!!