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01 June 2005 @ 02:40 am
can i tell you....  
I am so awake right now it's not even funny.My mind is completely overloaded with random thoughts about everything and it's like the minute i close my eyes my brain races with more not so much meaningless...but ideas i build up or scenarios i over analyze...the life of an insomniac.I truly believe that in a past life i was a nocturnal animal..okay maybe not..but it would have been cool..so i havent posted in a while.Life's been life.and i suppose i am kind of happy i havent been on as much cuz it somewhat shows..Hey,look Valerie indeed does actually have a life haha..JK.SOo..My goodness so much occurrences and outings i've put off talking about.But i will say this...

The Beautimus sunshine we were having
Spending so much needed time with my love
and all those little things that make me oh so happy!
Now i just need to see some good friends sometime soon,and then life will be
B-E-A-U-tiful! *wink wink...
So i made a new layout!w00t!I lyke it..it's a lil better eh? Meh...
MAn-O-man..I suppose i'm going to try and go catch some Zzz's..we shall see. Mucho mucho amor... Val
Feelin': awakeawake
Jammin to: Smashing pumpkins-mayonaise
Whiskey For The Holy Ghost: meet me at high noonour_very_blood on June 12th, 2005 02:36 am (UTC)
psssh, ever since you and travis starting dating I never see you anymore.. travis is hoggin' yo ass! come visit some time! geezez :)
*VaLeRiE*jamswithpassion on June 13th, 2005 06:32 am (UTC)
hehe...I will see ya'll soon!!..Hey you guys dont even call anymore tho,even for Dons at midnight..whats up with that man?..ha JK.I took this weekend off tho..Party time..Indeed.. =)