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14 March 2005 @ 12:11 am
I have just gotten about 10 calls from many people saying Paul Toomey died in a car crash. We were good friends in middle school, and the last time we talked was when he accidently called my cell phone at 3 in the morning...
My god this is so sad..It's not real. death,of someone i know,went to school with, and occasionaly hung around with..It's hard for me to comprehend this...
Feelin': sadsad
12 March 2005 @ 07:07 pm
Hahaha.. So i went to kennely keys today because my friend christina and i know chris who works there and we were hoping to run into this old black guy.. who goes in and plays the piano Ray charles style..He occasionally stops in according to chris.. So after work we stopped in and to our delight.. He was there! It was so badass to hear someone play a piano with such passion, such style,SOO JAZZ. oh my gosh...YES!
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09 March 2005 @ 07:37 pm
Tuesday was beautiful. Me and beautiful Travis' 1 month.. oh yeah! haha.I love how i have this perma grin day in day out because of him. Its a lovely feeling!
*sigh.. My best friend since 5th grade, christina called me earlier basically asking me if i would be her roomie this summer.We lived together in seattle for a while and it worked.However, living at home. you can save money, and i know school is hopefully in the near future for me. I feel like such a loser not attending some school anymore! *GHA. but yeah. A lot on my mind. Life is a crazy thing. i miss those days where i could go swing and everything would be okay.. oh wait, i think i just did that?! hehe..

I wanna be a roadie, and just GO..go and live in the music! ahh the life of a dreamer. :p
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02 March 2005 @ 12:42 am

You guys look so awesome! ♥ VERY COOL!

SOo.. this week has been hell.But oh man do i look forward to this weekend! Im off! Crazyness?! It's been a while..
..Manana i get to see my loverly. ♥HECK YES haha JK
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24 February 2005 @ 11:35 pm
today was a weird ass day i must say. Its been a long day filled with mixed emotions. i told my uncle I'm sick of working with his pitiful staff.. harsh.. oh no. he agreed with me and said he was surprised i have stayed there for as long as i have. I attempted to polish my job hunting skills, made some new resumes, and all that shiite today. while babysitting. haha. i rock. not. Sometimes i am so skeptical about things and i hate it. Im tired of being used because im to much of a wuss to stand up for myself. ehh. oh well. I guess its better than being a B word heh.So yeah, Looking for a new J-O-B will not be easy but im sorta excited. Maybe a cd store or some hip cafe where all the cool cats go to read their poetry and pour there hearts out to a small group to the fullest haha... But,Being groped and harrased by mexicans who are obviously not getting fired.. thats BS..yes. I'm trying to not be exasperated about the whole thing just.. maintain the outlook that change is a good thing. I'll stay there untill i get hired for sure somewhere else but.. i dunno if i can handle that horrid place much longer!Do i suck or what?!haha JK
On a happier note... *big smile... I think my uncle is coming up from albuquerque and oh my god.. its on like donkey kong baby! woo.Hes such an amazing person. and lifes not the same without him.. hes like a brother from another mother and yaay. he'll come rock out over here and it will be pure bliss. well, tomorrow is going to be a long day. i should hit the hay! Love love love
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23 February 2005 @ 12:01 am
Today.. was oh so beautiful with the sunshine out once again for like the 4th day in a row! woo. im a happy girl. Today i went on a journey to find a car from seattle to everett. and let me tell you. finding a decently priced used car is crazy, well for me cuz i only work oh lets see all the time. and i save my money thank you! hehe.. but yeah. what a hassle. I just want a damn car.. please heh.
Sat. was really cool because i ended up going to dennys with travis!so that night ended up being really cool... we werent initially going to see eachother.. cuz welp, me and no car and his van being a jerk=no good! soo yaay
Sunday.. woo hehe the day started off beautifully when my phone rang and i found out i didnt have to work. then the parental units had left in the wee hours of the morn.. hehe sooo. yeah. i was suppose to go to this party in w. seattle and go dancing. but im glad things happened the way they did!! leiana gave me my QOTSA tickets! awsome stuff! and relieved things worked out.
Constantine.. such a good movie by the way.. then to my casa..I'm soooo happy everyone who came over did.. sean and elise were there too! soo rad. there was like 10 or more ppl but it was an awsome night i must say! too bad they didnt all stay for the lil' slumber party. we'll all have to do that again sometime!
hehe.. then back to dennys in the morning. *sigh.. what a great weekend! haha.. and i didnt go to bed after that night/morning, i ended up working haha.. ahh. oh well! It was awsome! thanks guys!! =)
Feelin': lovedi love my friends
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16 February 2005 @ 11:00 pm
well i never got to see the cigarette girls before,but i've gotten the chance to hear em'. However... i do believe that this is going to be so good! like oh so good! Im happy travis is cool with the new, and movin' on to bigger and better things. I had the chance to meet sam and he seemed way cool..*although...it's such a bummer things had to end the way they did for rhymes end! like seriously!:(..i guess some things are just not ment to be even if its a really good thing. Quite sad*!! But Yes.. it will be sa-weet. =)
OH PS >>>>>Im ready for summer! and the warm summer nights! Mmmm-humm. hehe
haha.. that was slightly random, but im freezing right now. burr.
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16 February 2005 @ 02:06 am
godamn its like late and im totally awake.. again! What the hell?! sdfoiefh
hehe... i want everyone to know.. I love you all! like seriously. hehe. if i could give you a hug right now i so would!
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hahaha oh no.. im not like that all the time..
Soo the last couple days/ week has been absolutly amazing! Im finally feeling... content with this world? haha.How did everyone's valentine's day go? i hope is was beautiful!! =)
Feelin': crazycrazy
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11 February 2005 @ 11:26 am
Hey! have fun at Interpol tonight, to all ya'll who are going. ;) That should be an awesome show. On another note, I guess when i had roman get me tickets to QOTSA he said he saved a file (being the ticket) to print out or whatever.. he's bought tickets a million times so i figured okay, well i have to work and he can do it.. ha.. N-O..i guess my transaction didnt fully go through, or some BS, and he saved something il-legit. pshh.. But Leiana is a GODDESS! i will now worship her hand and foot hehe. See everything happens for a reason, i swear. Ahh.. work=lame. but it must be done i suppose. Hey did anyone see the front of the everett herald today? the last romance? humm. oh geeze.
Well im off. Love love love! <3
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08 February 2005 @ 04:03 pm
Today was filled with many great moments. And has overall been a beautimus day!Travis and i hung out, and it was very...wonderful!We both decided it was like a first date.woo!It was nice to be with him for most of the afternoon.It was cool hangin' around everett. we spent our time getting to know each other,talking about everything,and looking at cd's haha..oh man..i dunno... i do know It was nice to be with him...it was like perfect,because he can be so sweet and romantic, and also be a goofball haha,Ahhh. i dont know!Is this a good thing?? We really dont know each other all that well, but that's always the fun part,getting to know someone and all that. dammit.. I was trying to be the ice-queen..dun dunn dunnn. haha.You are my good friends, and friends tell the truth right?? hehe.. Is there any reason why i should be careful or anything, because at this point, Im a happy girl Yaay. If ya'lls dont comment back fine then haha.. tell me something, anything, or give me some random fact out of your ass haha.. Blah.. Now i will attempt to finish painting this canvas, to submit into to seattle art institute! woo woo woo.. <3 <3 <3
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