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09 September 2005 @ 11:06 am
I missed the rain  
Hahaha..well...yeah.thats over!..i'm so not ready for the sunshine to dissapear for like 8 months then come back for another 3 months out of the year!Grrr..Meh..thats washington tho i guess.So...Summer Has come and is almost gone.I guess it was alright.I didnt even leave WA!*sad face*..what the hell %&kh#jkh....I think i want to go back to albuquerque sometime in the next few months and see my family.i miss everyone!And i don't care what anyone says i love new mexico..land of enchantment.So aside from the lack of intense adrenaline pumping nights,haha *oh ps..This summer was the best and the worst..Damn the man!!Yeah that's right...
I love how much i'm in love!There's something about waking up every morning knowing someone you love so dearly loves you back just as much..Lifes a million times greater then you had felt..I love how my car is being a cood car and hasnt decided to pooop out on me..cuz that'd kick my ass if i had no car and still had to make payments.I officially love working,cuz my best friend and me are now co-workers.I still hate that place however.My mother can finally drive!No more cast.FINALLY!That was crazy..driving her around to and from mill creek everyday ahhh!So hooray for that...I got my hair cut and dyed.and i hate it!can you say *growl* tiger..haha Okay no JK..it's aiight.I"ve missed like OH...Every show this summer!! seriously my last concert was QOTSA..Shit..i want to get BRMC tickets for Travis..Kasbian and oasis are here tonight and guess who cant attend cuz of work..Yours truly.But oh well...I'm excited for some local shows to happen! it's been a while *wink wink*..OMG the Cigarette girls recording from the lab..SO GOOD.Picked it up yesterday with travis on our 7 month. Fun FUn..went to the zoo and had the most beautimus day and Amazing night.well i'm just typing my heart away and i think i should stop now..So i'm outtie.♥ LOve loVE
Feelin': cheerfullovely lovely
Jammin to: bloc party-eating glass
diedielovescene on September 9th, 2005 09:59 pm (UTC)
i too love being & love & being loved back..
*VaLeRiE*jamswithpassion on September 9th, 2005 11:04 pm (UTC)
Mmm-humm..AMAZING!You said it...